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Our Services

We are your trusted advisory partner for electric boat services, committed to ensuring that you're always prepared for a seamless sailing experience – whether you own a commercial vessel or a private boat.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses various forms of maintenance, repairs, and even new constructions. With conveniently located electric boat service centers in Jutland, Funen, and Zealand, as well as our mobile service units spanning the entire country, we're well-equipped to cater to your needs.

Our dedicated team of experts is here to offer guidance and support, whether you're seeking routine maintenance or tackling more complex repairs. We understand the unique requirements of electric boats and are ready to provide tailored solutions that ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Partner with us to embark on worry-free sailing journeys, knowing that we're by your side every step of the way – enhancing your electric boating experience across all fronts.

"Elevate Your Electric Boating Experience with our Versatile Swiveling Saildrive Technology for Boats up to 100 Feet"

Several sailboat customers have requested improved maneuvering capabilities in harbors.
That's why we've taken our development experience from E-boating's rudder and adapted it to the swiveling saildrive.

We've found that a significant portion of motor noise from a Fixed pod motor is directly transmitted into the hull, resulting in higher noise levels on board.
The same occurs with a fixed shaft solution.
We've acoustically optimized the motor suspension and achieved over a 50% reduction in noise levels on board compared to a fixed Cruise pod.

The swiveling saildrive can be controlled in conjunction with the rudder, either hydraulically or using an electric stepper motor.

The system can also be installed without the swivel function and still provide significantly better noise insulation than a fixed pod.

Conversion of existing propulsion systems

E Boating excels in the modification of existing propulsion systems due to our deep expertise and commitment to innovation. With a skilled team and extensive experience in electric boating, we possess the know-how to seamlessly integrate upgraded propulsion solutions into your watercraft. Whether it's enhancing efficiency, reducing noise, or improving maneuverability, we're dedicated to tailoring solutions that elevate your boating experience. Our passion for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions drives us to deliver top-notch service, making E Boating the ideal partner for upgrading your propulsion system.

Torqeedo Service Center

E Boating stands as a trusted Torqeedo service center, providing comprehensive support and expertise for Torqeedo electric boat systems. With our specialized knowledge and commitment to excellence, we offer a wide range of services, including maintenance, repairs, and technical assistance.

Constructing RIB boats

We collaborate closely with sailing clubs to design and manufacture RIB boats that align with their precise specifications. Our team of experts leverages their extensive expertise in boat design, engineering, and sailing to craft top-notch RIB boats that are not only functional but also dependable. By offering customized solutions, we contribute to elevating the sailing experience for club members and facilitating the seamless execution of a range of sailing endeavors.

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