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Replacement propeller

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For TEMO450

Replacement propeller for your electric engine TEMO·450
Diameter : 17,5cm

Some questions?

Yes, TEMO is 100% watertight within the IP67 certification.

Which means it can stay under water during 30 minutes at 1 meter deep.

Does Temo450 float

TEMO will only float few seconds but will quickly sink afterwards. We offer a buoyancy kit as an accessory.
Please note that TEMO is also delivered with its rowlock fixation which will allow you to fix TEMO on board and avoid any risk of falling into the water.

Can you lock TEMO450 in the dinghy when you go ashore

Yes of course !
Even if TEMO is very light and can be easily carried away in its transport bag, it can also be left on your boat.
TEMO offers an anti-theft device (available in our accessories) to secure TEMO when you are gone.
Also note that TEMO has a magnetic safety key that acts as a circuit breaker. Without the key, the engine cannot start (thief refrain!).

How can I be sure that TEMO will be right for my boat

If you currently use the oar, sculling or small engine (equivalent or less than 2CV) for your transfers by tender, TEMO will fit perfectly. It is 3 times more powerful than a single person rowing.
Generally speaking, TEMO will be able to propel boats up to 2m50 with 2/3 people on board and loaded with equipment.
And you have any doubt, please contact-us !

What is the autonomy at full power

The speed of TEMO can be adjusted by squeezing the trigger. If you keep the trigger held in, you will have up to 42 minutes of autonomy. And up to 80 minutes at half speed.


Replacement propeller

600,00 DKK

For TEMO450

Replacement propeller for your electric engine TEMO·450
Diameter : 17,5cm

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