Enhance Your Electric Boating: Versatile Saildrive Tech for Boats up to 100 Feet.

  • Introducing

    Our innovative saildrive technology, a remarkable addition to our electric propulsion systems. This swiveling saildrive offers a range of benefits, enhancing the performance and maneuverability of your electric-powered boat. Swiveling saildrive can be integrated with the rudder via hydraulic or electric stepper motor.

    The system can also be installed without the swiveling option and still provide significantly better noise reduction than a fixed pod motor.

  • 100 feet & 60 KW

    Designed to accommodate boats up to 100 feet in length, our swiveling saildrive technology can be seamlessly integrated with propulsion systems of up to 60 kW, offering powerful and reliable performance. When your boat is under sail, the propeller can function as a turbine in reverse, utilizing the movement of water to turn the propeller and generate electricity.

  • Design

    Crafted with precision engineering, the swiveling saildrive is built to withstand the demands of marine environments while minimizing maintenance needs. Its intelligent design also contributes to the reduction of noise and vibration, ensuring a quieter and more enjoyable boating experience.

    In our design, we've considered the coastal sailor, those embarking on long journeys, and all of us who wish to make sailing free from fossil fuels.

Many sailboat customers have expressed a strong desire for enhanced maneuvering capabilities, especially when navigating through busy harbors and tight spaces. Responding to this demand, we have harnessed the valuable insights gained from our E-boating rudder development and skillfully applied them to create our innovative swivel sail drive solution.

Our journey began with a determination to address a common issue faced by traditional fixed pod motors – the transmission of motor-generated noise directly into the hull, resulting in elevated onboard noise levels. Similarly, fixed shaft solutions also encountered this challenge. Leveraging our expertise in noise reduction and engineering, we meticulously optimized the motor's suspension system. The result? A remarkable noise reduction of over 50% compared to a standard Cruise Fixed pod, leading to a significantly quieter and more enjoyable onboard experience.

The versatility of our swivel sail drive is another feather in its cap. It seamlessly integrates with the rudder, allowing for intuitive and responsive steering. The drive system can be controlled hydraulically, providing smooth and precise adjustments, or operated using an electric stepper motor for added convenience. This level of customization empowers sailors to tailor their sailing experience to their preferences and requirements.

Moreover, our commitment to noise reduction doesn't stop at the swivel feature. Even when installed without the swivel option, our sail drive system offers substantial noise dampening benefits compared to traditional fixed pod alternatives. This ensures a quieter and more serene sailing experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your time on the water.

LM 24

Featuring a swiveling saildrive

In summary, our swivel sail drive is the culmination of advanced engineering, meticulous noise optimization, and a keen understanding of sailors' needs. Whether you're navigating bustling harbors or cruising along open waters, our solution stands as a testament to our dedication to improving every aspect of your sailing journey.

  • The system is integrated into the boat and replaces the normal sail drive.
  • Easier and more cost-effective installation compared to fixed shaft systems.
  • 50% less noise generated by the motor compared to Fixed pod and fixed shaft systems.
  • Improved cooling of the motor and controller compared to inboard motor and shaft.
  • Provides longer range with the same energy input. Better propeller angle compared to fixed shaft systems.
  • Provides 20-25% better utilization of propeller efficiency.
  • Significantly enhanced maneuverability, a significant advantage during harbor maneuvers.
  • Fully digitally controlled system and easy to service by all Torqeedo service partners.
  • Better efficiency per KW input provides longer range per KW.

As always in our systems, there's the possibility for full Hydrogeneration "charging" during sailing with sails deployed. Motor and battery information, as well as range, can be transferred and read directly on the navigator.

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