In today's eco-conscious world, finding innovative ways to make our daily activities more sustainable is essential. Hydrogeneration, also known as regenerative sailing, is revolutionizing boating. Integrated into electric boat systems from 3 kW and above, it lets boats generate electricity while sailing.

A Sustainable Synergy

Imagine harnessing the natural forces of wind and water to not only move your boat but also produce electrical energy to recharge your battery. Hydrogeneration represents a perfect synergy of sustainability and efficiency, offering a range of benefits for environmentally-conscious sailors.

How It Works

When your boat is under sail, the propeller can act as a turbine in reverse, utilizing the water's movement to spin the propeller and generate electricity. This energy is then smartly stored in your battery, providing you with additional power for your electric motor or other onboard systems. It's like turning the elements into a renewable power source.

Extending Range and Self-Sufficiency

One of the most significant advantages of hydrogeneration is its ability to extend your boat's range. By generating electricity while sailing, you reduce your reliance on external charging sources. This not only saves you money but also significantly reduces your carbon footprint. With hydrogeneration, your journey becomes more environmentally friendly and self-sufficient.

As summer approaches, many boat enthusiasts are eager to embark on exciting voyages. But how does hydrogeneration practically benefit your summer trip? Let's explore some key advantages:

Extended Cruising Range

With hydrogeneration, you can venture further without worrying about running out of power. The electricity generated during your sail is stored in the battery, giving you an extended cruising range and more time to explore your favorite destinations.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Sailors who embrace hydrogeneration are making a positive contribution to the environment. By generating electricity sustainably, you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and minimize your carbon footprint. It's a step towards cleaner oceans and greener sailing.

Cost Savings

Less reliance on external charging means lower fuel and electricity costs. Hydrogeneration allows you to save money on your boating adventures, making your summer voyage even more enjoyable.

Enhanced Self-Sufficiency

Hydrogeneration makes you less dependent on shore power or refueling stops. You can enjoy a more self-sufficient boating experience, allowing you to explore remote and pristine locations with confidence.

Quiet and Peaceful Sailing

Compared to traditional engine-powered boating, hydrogeneration offers a quieter and more peaceful sailing experience. You can fully immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of nature without the noise of a running engine.


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