Environmental Benefits of Electric Propulsion Systems

Environmental Benefits of Electric Propulsion Systems

Kim Lundin |

Electric Propulsion Systems Cause No Water Pollution

Unlike combustion engines, electric drives do not emit exhaust gases into the water.

There is no water contamination due to refueling.

No oil enters the water from a leaking cooling system.

For these reasons, the use of combustion engines is increasingly restricted or prohibited, especially in sensitive water areas. However, this does not mean that you can no longer enjoy boating.

Electric propulsion systems conserve resources and protect the environment during production due to their lightweight construction. During operation, their exceptional efficiency ensures that electric drives protect the environment and climate better than other propulsion systems. For instance, a Travel motor can cover over 10 nautical miles with a battery consumption equivalent to 40 grams of gasoline.

No Smells,

No Noise,

Electric products do not emit unpleasant odors during use, transport in a car, or storage.

There is no risk of pollution from oil or gasoline leaks. This is practical when placing them in the boat or on the back seat of your car. It's also handy for storing them on board or keeping your hands and clothes clean when handling the outboard motor. Electric motors are not completely silent, but they are significantly quieter than comparable combustion engines.